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File: scanner picker
Downloads: 1105
Description: This alias is much like the detpack picker. It lets you choose which scanner you want without having to bind a lot of keys for different ranges. Use the "x" key for selecting time. Press "y" to initiate the scan.
Size: 396B
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
alias range r_1
alias range_c range_10
alias range_10 "alias range_c range_25;alias range r_1;echo scan range 10"
alias range_25 "alias range_c range_50;alias range r_2;echo scan range 25"
alias range_50 "alias range_c range_75;alias range r_3;echo scan range 50"
alias range_75 "alias range_c range_100;alias range r_4;echo scan range 75"
alias range_100 "alias range_c range_125;alias range r_5;echo scan range 100"
alias range_125 "alias range_c range_150;alias range r_6;echo scan range 125"
alias range_150 "alias range_c range_175;alias range r_7;echo scan range 150"
alias range_175 "alias range_c range_225;alias range r_8;echo scan range 175"
alias range_225 "alias range_c range_255;alias range r_9;echo scan range 225"
alias range_255 "alias range_c range_10;alias range r_10;echo scan range 255"
alias r_1 "impulse 10"
alias r_2 "impulse 25"
alias r_3 "impulse 50"
alias r_4 "impulse 75"
alias r_5 "impulse 100"
alias r_6 "impulse 125"
alias r_7 "impulse 150"
alias r_8 "impulse 175"
alias r_9 "impulse 225"
alias r_10 "impulse 255"
alias scanning "impulse 159; wait; range"
bind x range_c
bind y scanning