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File: Devastator's Leeto cfg
Author: Devastator
Downloads: 4451
Description: This CFG is very, very extensive. Every single thing tells you what it does, great for making your own config/script.
Size: 103KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
// : Devastator's cfg. (v07-24-99)

Awright hoes, here i am again with another release of this, cut down on the amount of files lots, optimized it for my voodoo3 which i just got sometime back (@#&%@# about time i got rid of that voodoo1, what a peice, i made a pak of sounds used by the script (gren timer, reload etc), it's the bulk of the filesize, just rename it to the next available pak # and stick in quake/fortress, this is a lot easier i feel then moving the individual .wav's into fortress/sound. welp, since the last version i released to people lots of things have changed. i removed the comments telling people what things do, instead this time, i will put give a link to a site called 'the console' later on in this doc if people are interested in knowing what these commands do and learn how to write their own scripts. As always if my key setup doesnt fit you, edit the config :> if you got any SERIOUS questions about console scripting or whatever (no questions about console commands please, read later on in the doc for this.) i'm usually on irc on, my nick is Devastator. Other than that, have phun with this whole heap of quake script code, might be the last release of it since i'm pretty much fed up with what tf has become lately and am probably going to another game soon enough.

on a side note, if you have problems with this script crashing your qw client, please remember to run quakeworld with the command line parameter "-zone 1024" (without the quotes) this gives it more script memory.

// : files (and what's in em)

autoexec.cfg - three of em... blah! id1/ one is for quake DM, fortress/ one is for Team Fortress of course, and pox/ one is for a reet DM mod called paroxysm which i play also, don't delete the id1/ autoexec if you like your TF statusbar, also edit the id1 autoexec to change the status bar resolution (setinfo sbar_res ...).
base.cfg - base config, exec'd by all autoexecs, contains the base bindings and client configuration, nuff said.
scout.cfg - Team Fortress scout config.
sniper.cfg - Team Fortress sniper config.
soldier.cfg - Team Fortress soldier config.
demoman.cfg - Team Fortress demoman config.
medic.cfg - Team Fortress medic config.
hwguy.cfg - Team Fortress heavy weapons guy config.
pyro.cfg - Team Fortress pyro config.
spy.cfg - Team Fortress spy config.
engineer.cfg - Team Fortress engineer config.
proxy.cfg - Cheapo/Qizmo proxy config, pretty simple, it will autoexec when you connect to one of these proxies so there is no need to exec it.
pakX.pak - my Team Fortress sound pak for this script, rename it to the next available pak number and stick in the fortress dir.
readme-script.txt - you seem to be looking at it.

// : credit/links.

the console: ( - great resource for console commands for quake/qw/q2/whatever, use it, it's your bible of console commands.

TF Stuff: ( Nice place to look for TF/TFC paks, even parts for paks, if you're into making your own little pak full of great looking alternative models/sounds/etc like me.

Team Fortress Files Factory: ( site full of TF/TFC goodness.

me - well i'll be damned, giving myself credit.

// : 1999 Devastator ([email protected])

// : eof