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File: Cableless's Config (v2.4)
Author: Cableless
Downloads: 1599
Description: This is a config by Cableless. It has a messaging system for 2forts and Canalzone. It also has specific things for each class. Documented in a HTML file.
Size: 10KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
TF1CFG Version 2.4 - 6 Feb 99


This is a config for setting up Quake World to play Team Fortress. It is designed to be used with the keyboard and a 3-button Logitech Marble/Vista. Hit INS to cycle through the different modular Team Fortress class configs. R toggles between the top two weapons of each class. Also included is a CTF weapon config that contains a nifty quick grappling hook routine.

I take no credit for any part of this config. I have pieced this together from many of the great configs out there.


I suggest that you open these configs in Notepad and look over the binds and aliases. If you use different key bindings than I do, then go ahead and make the necessary changes in Autoexec.cfg BEFORE you exec it. I also suggest that you print out the individual files with Notepad so that you will have a reference while playing.
Delete config.cfg in c:/quake/qw/ and c:/quake/fortress/.
Unzip this archive
Install everything in c:/quake/id1/
Change the QuakeWorld command line in GameSpy 3D to "glqwcl.exe -heapsize 16000 -nojoy -nocdaudio -wavonly -zone 1024"
Launch GameSpy 3D and join a game.
Press the + and - keys to choose your screen size.
INS to choose the proper Class Config.
PGDN to select the proper Communication Config.
R toggles between the top two weapons of each class.
Press , to bring up the netgraph
Press . to cycle rate/pushlatency until you have no blue or red lines. Yellow lines are OK. The ideal netgraph contains no lines at all.
Press , to close the netgraph
Press n to cycle through MIN, MED, and MAX Display Quality presets. MIN and MAX are about 10fps apart.

Communications between teammates is the most important aspect of Team Fortress. By pressing PGDN the F1-F12 keys are bound to different sets of team_say commands. I suggest creating additional communication configs that are suited to each map that you like to play on. Add your comm configs to the end of the // Communications Select in main.cfg as in the example below:

// Communications Select
alias com1 "beepsound;exec 2fortdef.cfg;alias commselect com2"
alias com2 "beepsound;exec 2fortoff.cfg;alias commselect com3"
alias com3 "beepsound;exec canaldef1.cfg;alias commselect com4"
alias com4 "beepsound;exec canaldef2.cfg;alias commselect com5"
alias com5 "beepsound;exec canaloff.cfg;alias commselect com6"
alias com6 "beepsound;exec yourdef.cfg;alias commselect com7"
alias com7 "beepsound;exec youroff.cfg;alias commselect com1"
alias commselect com1


I removed all the // comments to save on memory and speed execution. If you need help on interpreting the commands, visit the console links below.


Quake Console Command List at Stomped
QuakeWorld Console Command List at QuakeWorld Central
Team Fortress Readme at TeamFortress 1 Home
Team Fortress Help at the The War Academy
The Console at PlanetQuake


3 Fingers' & Heron's Quake & Quake II Ultimate Boundaries
Planet Riva
Zanshin's GL Dojo


2.3 - 6 Feb 99
- Corrected Netgraph, and Netsettings binds.

2.2 - 4 February 99
- Put wait a wait in front of root alias commands. They were not execing all the time.

2.1 - 31 Jan 99
- Added Display Quality alias
- Put Gamma alias back in
- Cleaned House

2.0 - 23 Jan 99
- Added audio cues for each alias.
- Changed mouse pitch to half former value and doubled mouse sensitivity.
- Deleted binds from each alias. Now each alias is called by another alias. Much cleaner. Much thanks to DrSplat[GT]!
- Deleted comments. This .html document replaces all comments.
- Added several new class specific alias' for Spy and Engineer.
- Added communications configs for Canalzone ( The best TF map ever IMO )

Any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Jim Cable