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File: Someone's Config
Author: Someone
Downloads: 1635
Description: This is a Someone's config. This person is also of QWTF mapping fame (2tech4, border, etc).
Size: 165KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
February 17 1998
-pgren.wav (put in fortress/sound/items)

>V<-Someone's Quake configs

s d f general keys
(left hand on home row)
e = +moveup
c = +movedown
s = +moveleft
f = +moveright
d = +back
space = +jump
I have both +moveup & +jump because +moveup works better for floating through liquids and such.
left mouse = attack
middle mouse= throwgren

Everything else is detail junk ...
For TF...
q = id
a = switch to RL (you can change to throwgren if you dont have a 3 button mouse)
z = flaginfo (tells you where flag is, base, down, carried by..)
x = primetwo
v = primeone
r = reload
w = special (special key ... build for engineer, disguse for spy, etc...)
t = talk
y = teamtalk
g = snipe
h = snipersnipe
b = RJ script
n = dropammo
ALT = discard
> = detpack cycle(right)
< = detpack cycle(left)
? = detpack set
o = exec autoexec & tf configs

That's about all. Feel free to do whatever the fux0r you want with this stuff.