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File: Engineer Battle
Author: Someone
Downloads: 943
Description: Engineer Battle
Size: 202KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
TeamFortress v2.6 Quake Map

======================= Map Information ========================
Title : Engineer Battle
Filename :
Author : Kyle ([REC]Someone)
Web Page : (Someone's TF)
QW Server : You can play this map on
Email : [email protected]
Description : Small map, insparation from [REC]R3ptile

======================= Play Information ========================

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress QuakeC patch,
which can be downloaded from
or from

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
TeamFortress : Yes
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : No
New Models : No
New Music : No
Transparent Water : no water

======================= Construction ========================

Base : some old map of mine
Editors used : WorldCraft, EntEd
Known Bugs : none
Construction Time : hour?
Compile Computer : Win95 P133 32 Megs RAM
Qbsp :
Vis Level 4 :
Light :

======================= Installation ========================

This archive contains 3 files.

========Basic ========
Put these in fortress\maps
Put these in fortress\sound\items

======================= Game Play ========================

This is a TeamFortress map.

Only engineer can play. engineer makes their gun (5 minutes allowed)
then the doors open and they try to capture. frag fest baby! have fun

======================= Misc Information ========================

Thanks go out to TFS ( for making TeamFortress, id
Software ( for Quake, Rastlan for EntEd
( and Network for his wonderful TFConsole page

(c)copyright 1997 by Kyle Graehl