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File: Koron's Config (v1.02)
Author: Koron
Downloads: 2769
Description: This is my personal config. It includes a zoom system, detpack chooser, messaging system, grenade timer, and a few other things. It was continually updated while I played QWTF- but as it is, this is the final version.
Size: 176KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Koron's Config v1.02
Config created by Koron ([email protected])
This config must be freely distributed, not sold.

Put these files in your TF directory. Put pgren.wav in your sound\items directory.

This was put together without cleaning it up. This script has a
messaging system, rocket jump, detpack chooser, grenade timer,
cd track chooser, and a zoom system. It assumes you have a
third mouse button, a mouse wheel, and running GL. I'm not sure how it will work in non-GL.
Here are a few of the basics in the script to get you started:
Press "Home" to start this up.
F1-F12 - part of the messaging system.
Q - Grenade 1, press it once to prime the grenade, press it again to throw it.
W - Grenade 2, press it once to prime the grenade, press it again to throw it.
A - Strafe left
S - Strafe right
SHIFT - Back
CTRL - Shoot
Alt - ID
SPACE - Jump
T - Message (to everyone)
Y - Team Message (to your team mates)
Mouse1 - Move forward
Mouse2 - Mouse look (I hold this down almost all of the time, just a habit, if you
wish you can turn on mouselook and bind this button something else)
MWHEELUP - Zoom in
MWHEELDOWN - Zoom in (Quake won't recognize my MWHEELDOWN, I don't know what the problem is,
so I just kept it that way)
Mouse3 - Zoom out all the way
[ - Zoom out one increment
] - Zoom in all the way
V - discard
B - Special (build, spy menu, autozoom, all of the special abilities of the classes)
> - detpack cycle(right)
< - detpack cycle(left)
? - detpack set
p - next track (CD) If you know how to get the CD beep sound to work everytime, please tell me!
o - last track (CD)

The rest you can figure out on your own. Here is how to put your hands:

Left Pinkie - CTRL (Shoot)
Left Ring Finger - SHIFT (Move backwards)
Left Middle Finger - A (Strafe left)
Left Index Finger - S (Strafe right)
Left Thumb - SPACE (jump)

RIGHT HAND (on the mouse)
Right Index Finger - mouse1 (move forward)
Right Middle finger - mouse2 (mouse look), move to mouse3/wheel for zoom.
Right Everything Else - Helps move the mouse :-)


This is the FINAL version of the cfg- no changes will be made. Feel free to use and abuse any part of it.

- Koron
[email protected]