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File: 2 Forts 32 Player Version
Author: TyR-T2 and Network
Downloads: 2267
Description: 2 Forts 32 Player Version
Size: 1.4MB
Date: 12/05/2002

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Additional Info:
This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.5+ quakeC mod


* == Beta Info == *

Due to people who don't know how to read or follow directions,
this public beta, and it is BETA, has been released. There has
been no changes to this map from the non-public beta release.

This map is intended for QUAKEWORLD ONLY although this map
actually works better off QW at the moment . If you don't
run it on QW, it will be extremely jerky, and a mix of
that and open spaces also causes VIS errors. I would also
only like to see this map on QW Servers where the authors
can monitor them.

PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL US ERRORS. We have spent a long time
finding all the tiny errors, and base features that causes
unbalanced gameplay. We are very aware of all the tiny errors,
(and there are many) as well as the large ones. Also remember
that the final version will have the same layout, but may
look a little different. If you think you have a tip/idea that
you think we haven't heard yet, e-mail T2 or Network, we are
very open-minded.

I would also like to say something about the Blue Base. The
first thing you are going to notice is how you can see the red
base from inside the blue base looking outside toward the
battlement. Or red snipers can snipe that ramp/hall. This
has been fixed in the final version, and is the same format as
the red base now. This was a major mistake that wasn't fixed in
this version, just something for everybody to look foreward to.

Yes, the new flags are here. Just do your best to install
whats in the zip correctly, if you fail, oh well, QW will
download it for you. We changed the CE/GT flags back to
Gorgon's Red and Blue flags.

TF2.5b is ALSO beta, and remember that. A beta map on a beta
server is not a can of Pepsi. I noticed some odd things about
2.5b, especially netname broadcasting. For example, if the
server gets pretty full, broadcasting quits all together. As
is with 1 player, goal_item broadcasting don't work. So give
the TF guys a break, they are working on it. If all else fails,
join another server with 2fort4 ;)

* == Server Admins == *

If you are trying to run 2fort_32.bsp on a server, be aware
that there are actually two versions of this map. The server
version does no contain any torches/flames. Clients have the
full version with the flames etc... This is because of yet,
an unknown problem/limitation of this map (most likely it's
enormous size). Also, trying to run this map on anything less
than a free P200 with 64MB, well, good luck. This map is
tougher than you think to get running because (let's say it
together) IT IS BETA.


Title: 2 Forts 32 Player Version
Map Filename: 2fort_32.bsp
Model Filename: tf_flag.mdl

Authors: Jamie Mactaggart (TyR-T2) Devin Jenson (Network)
Email Address: [email protected] and [email protected]
" Type /maphelp in the console "

Description: TeamFortress v2.5 Quake Map

Check out the TeamFortress homepage at:


* Play Information *

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.14
QuakeC patch. SO, go get it, you'll thank me. ;)

Single Player: No
Cooperative: No
Deathmatch: Yes
TeamFortress: Yes
Difficulty Settings: No
New Sounds: No
New Graphics: Yes (Models / Textures)
New Music: CD track 3 is played
Demos Replaced: None

* Construction *

Base: Well, we used 2fort4 as the basis.
Editor(s) used: Worldcraft
Known Bugs: A little texture mis-alignment... it is a Beta.
Build Time: TOO LONG (sleep? BAH! we don't need no sleep.)

* Thanks *
Id fer Quake. All the TF folks, Dracos ...ah Dracos, if
you see him, bow down and kiss his feet, without him this
map wouldn't exist. Blue and sCary, for showing an interest
in TF, and to Gorgon, for those sweet team logos.

* Overview *

Well, it is done...well, mostly done. A lot of time and
effort has been put into this map and it is the best
(and biggest ;) it can be.

* Other Info *

_Minimum_ Suggested System Info:

16MB Ram
50-100MB free space
A Good Video Card
Use QuakeWorld...


I can see it now. Alot of people are gonna run Quake and
in the console type: map 2fort_32... tsk tsk, just running
Quake alone isn't enough to execute this HUGE map, so when
starting Quake, include this parameter: -winmem 16
16 stands for the number of megabytes to load. Quake
defaults to 8. If you use QW or WinQuake, it automatically
gets the most out of your PC. If you only have 16MB, then
use something like -winmem 14. If you only have 8, well
yer outta luck. Use that Kali or something from DOS... or
how bout get a job and buy some more RAM?

* Dedication *

This map is dedicated to Dracos. Dracos is the admin
of two public CTSNet TF Servers, plus a few private ones.
He has put in so many voluntary sleepless nights, how
could we not dedicate this map to him? Without him, this
map would still be at its earliest stage, and at that,
would probably suck. So stop by one of Dracos servers
and give him a thanks for all his conributions, he's really
a great guy and a good friend :)

Also he is a webmaster at:

* Use *

Unzip 2fort_32.bsp into your /quake/id1/maps, /quake/qw/maps,
or /quake/(tf dir)/maps directory. and back one directory
up from there and make a new folder called /progs and unzip
tf_flag.mdl into that directory. If you unzipped into your
TF directory, start qwcl or quake up with the -game (tf dir)
parameter. If you unzipped to the qw/maps directory, you
must play on a QuakeWorld server.

Get QuakeWorld at:
Get News at:
Get TF at:

-end file