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File: 2fort5 Revised
Author: John Cook
Downloads: 1721
Description: 2fort5 Revised
Size: 394KB
Date: 12/05/2002

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Additional Info:
*** this map designed for the TeamFortress quakeC patch ***

13th of September 1998
Title : 2fort5 Revised
Filename : 2FORT5r.bsp
Author : John 'Jojie' Cook ([email protected])
Someone ([email protected])
with special thanks to Devin 'Network' Jenson
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : The sixth revision of the popular 2forts map.
Two teams battle it out for honour and glory!

Where to get it :
* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
TeamFortress : Yes, works for 2-32 players, best for 8-24
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : 2fort4 (by me, of course)
Editor(s) used : Quest + Worldcraft
Known Bugs : None.

Build Time : A long time - the original 2forts was released over 2 years ago.


This map is designed specifically for the TeamFortress quakec
patch v2+.

It is capture the flag style map, with the following objectives:

The blue team must capture the red flag from the basement of the enemy
base, and take it to the battlement of the blue base.

The red team must capture the blue flag from the basement of the enemy
base, and take it to the battlement of the red base.

Each team must try prevent the opposing team from achieving their objectives.

If the flag carrier is killed, they drop the flag to the ground where it remains
for 30 seconds after which it returns to the basement. Unlike standard CTF,
team members cannot return the flag by running over it.

This map is the result of over a year of playtesting and redesigning. A brief history:
2fort was released the 21st of the 8th, 1996.
2fort2 (unreleased, was the first to have flags and a goal)
2fort21 (small flag problem)
2fort23 (fixed the small flag problem again)
2fort3 (unreleased, moved a few brushes around)
2fort4 (added an extra ramp & corridor, moved the spawn points around a bit)
2fort5 was released on the 30th of the 11th, 1997
and now 2fort5r, released on the 13th of September 1998.

Rationale for changes from 2fort5 -> 2fort5r:
- Prevent the current confusion that reigns with QuakeWorld map checksumming
and the multiple 2fort5.bsp files that exist.
- Lower the amount of gren2 spamming by reducing available gren2 ammo
- Increase the amount of health available so players don't spend as much
dead time either waiting for medikits to respawn or just killing themselves.

Rationale for changes from 2fort4 -> 2fort5:

- Moved basement spawn points upstairs: this was to make it easier
on attackers in the basement, so that when they kill defenders in
the flag area they have a bit more time to get the flag.

- Rearranged flag corridor: this was to make it a lot harder to have
all the defense concentrated in the basement.

- Blocking spawn rooms behind one-way doors: this was to try and prevent
respawn campers.

- Texture changes: to make the map a little easier on the eyes :) Extra thanks
goes to Someone (and Network) for this.

- More armor and ammo: to handle more players better than 2fort4.

- Less health: to make medics more necessary in big team games. This is something
that i have always wanted to see tried on a map, but it didn't look like anyone
else was going to try it so here goes. During the beta testing of this map
we got some people complaining about it, but overall it seems to be workable.


John Cook
VALVe LLC / TF Software Pty. Ltd.

Copyright and Legal Notices

This map is property of TF Software Pty. Ltd.

Permission is granted to distribute 2fort5r.bsp in a public forum as long
as this text file (2fort5r.txt) is always distributed with it.
This map is considered part of the TeamFortress quakeC patch and comes
under any legal agreements regarding TeamFortress.

All other rights withheld, in particular:
- You cannot reverse engineer, alter, modify or in any ways change 2fort5r.bsp or this text file and then redistribute it without expression permission from the owner (TF Software Pty. Ltd.), with the exception of changes made purely to the bsp entity block.