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File: 2 Tech version 4
Author: Someone
Downloads: 1081
Description: 2 Tech version 4
Size: 899KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
2Tech4 official page:
TeamFortress v2.6 Quake Map

======================= Map Information ========================
Title : 2 Tech version 4
Filename :
Author : Kyle (>V< Someone )
Web Page : (Someone's TF)
Email : [email protected]
Description : Fast paced, GL optimised Teamfortress map

======================= Play Information ========================

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress QuakeC patch, which
can be downloaded from

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
TeamFortress : Yes
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New Models : Yes
New Music : No
Transparent Water : Yes

======================= Construction ========================

Base : 2Tech3, but originally scratch
Editors used : WorldCraft, EntEd, BSP2Wad, QuArK (for textures)
Known Bugs : Blue base, Flashing hall there's a qbsp bug.
Construction Time : month +
Compile Computer : Win95 P133 32 Megs RAM
Qbsp : 1106 seconds
Vis Level 4 : 8860 seconds
Light : 868 seconds
Other Info : There are 76 bsp models. (*#)

======================= Installation ========================

This archive contains 3 files.

========Basic ========
Put these in fortress\maps

Put these in fortress\sound\items

Put these in fortress\progs

======================= Game Play ========================

This is a TeamFortress map.

There are 2 teams to this map. Blue and Red. Blue and Red fight eachother
to capture the enemy flag. Blue and Red's bases are identical except for the
textures. There are a lot of interesting devices to make this map interesting
and more fun to play:
-Normal Flag Capture : Take enemy flag from their basement and take
it back to your flag texture in the Ramp Room.
-Battery Capture : A Battery resides in the Top Basement, behind
a rock wall. The rock wall can be destroyed by a detpack. When taken
to your team's Spotlight on the Sniper Loft, it will award 5 frags
to the capturer, and turn on the loft's Spotlight for 5 minutes
giving the enemy snipers the disadvantage
-Hacking : Engineers can help their teammates by Hacking open enemy
doors. This helps for getting people in and out of the enemy base.
The Hacking Terminals are located in the main Ramp Room and are
switches on the computers. The Engineer can Hack the following:
-Front lift
-Ramp refil
-Basement refil
-Main lift
-Cave lift doors
-Back exit lift
-MegaCharge : This is somewhat a secret, there is a MegaCharge,
Which gives the carrier Quad, Pentagram, and Invis for 10 seconds,
plus it refils everything to the max. (grenades, health, armor) This
is extremely useful for penetrating ramp defense.
-Spy Detectors : There are two Spy Detectors in this map, one of them
in the entrance to the Ramp Room. The other in the Basement. The
Spy Detectors indicate if an enemy comes through, regardless of their
being undercover.


10 Frags are awarded for the flag capturing team
5 Frags are awarded to the player who gets the enemy battery and
installs it in the flashlight.

======================= Changes since 2Tech3 ====================

-Spotlight feature added : taking your battery (in enemy base) to
your spotlight (on sniper loft) will light up the enemy sniper area
-Little perfectionist changes, 'cleaner' refil, ASCII flag status...
-Second route to main room
-Second route from Ramp Room to Basement
-Fixed small brush and texture allignment errors
-Easy place for Engineer to hide between hacking
-Muchly better gameplay

======================= Misc Information ========================

Thanks go out to TFS ( for making TeamFortress, id
Software ( for Quake, LoH-Ki for the new MegaCharge model
which is a skeleten thing with a V (Fifth Element) Rastlan for EntEd
( Thundercok for helping me with various stupid
questions, and Network for his wonderful TFConsole page

(c)copyright 1997 by Kyle Graehl