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About this section:
These are complete configurations- including binds, graphical settings, aliases, and anything else that can be used to control the game. Using all or parts of these configs can be useful, for instance, just taking the communication system from one and inserting it into your own.
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File  AuthorDownloadsDateFile Size [more info] - Someone's Config   Someone 1636 10/04/2002 165KB
This is a Someone's config. This person is also of QWTF mapping fame (2tech4, border, etc). [more info] - Koron's Config (v1.02)   Koron 2710 10/04/2002 176KB
This is my personal config. It includes a zoom system, detpack chooser, messaging system, grenade timer, and a few other things. It was continually updated while I played QWTF- but as it is, this is the final version. [more info] - Devastator's Leeto cfg   Devastator 4397 10/04/2002 103KB
This CFG is very, very extensive. Every single thing tells you what it does, great for making your own config/script. [more info] - Cableless's Config (v2.4)   Cableless 1601 10/04/2002 10KB
This is a config by Cableless. It has a messaging system for 2forts and Canalzone. It also has specific things for each class. Documented in a HTML file.