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Frequently Asked Questions:
Questions that have been repeatedly asked about the site are placed on this page. If you need to contact us with a question, first make sure that the answer isn't here.

  • May I link directly to the files on this site?
  • I would strongly prefer that you not link directly to the actual files on the site. In order to keep tabs on how many files are being downloaded from the site as well as give it more publicity, I request that you link to the file's individual page on this site. Thanks.

  • How do I get my file on this site?
  • Please see the contact page for information on sending files to be hosted by TFFF.

  • What are these ZIP files and what do I do with them?
  • ZIP files are compressed archives that can hold more than one file; often times maps will have their actual map file along with custom sounds, textures, readmes, etc inside these files. If you don't have a program that can open these files, you can obtain a shareware version of WinZip.

  • Who coded/designed/updates this site?
  • The site, coded in PHP, was written entirely by Erik Anderson (Koron). It uses a MySQL database. The design is simple, but functional. As of the writing of this, there is only one person that updates the site.

  • What browser does this site work with?
  • This site has been tested to work with just about every major browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 6 and 7, Opera). Everything should look and function nearly the same across every browser. If you run into any problems with how the page layout looks in a certain browser, feel free to contact me and I will attempt to fix the problem.

  • Do you have a button that I can use for linking to this site?
  • There are two versions, one animated, and one that is a still image. Feel free to use either one.
    Still Image:

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