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File: the dump - 2nd revision
Author: nettle plant
Downloads: 568
Description: the dump - 2nd revision
Size: 184KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
title : the dump - 2nd revision
filename : ntrash3.bsp
author : nettle plant
email address : [email protected]
description : TeamFortress v2.5 Quake Map

has interesting features, when you're a demoman try going into the
room reachable by the smaller lift from the main room (room with big and
small lifts) enter the room it deposits you at and throw a few mirv grenades
into the pit, turn to the window and watch as foolish bridge-crossers are
torn to bits by the grenade shower.

update: longer bridge so that dorks can't just sprint across it
they must face the cannon!
doors on respawn rooms so no idiots can take your stuff.
wind tunnels on cannon openings so grenades don't kill cannon

* play information *

this map sucks without TeamFortress v2.5,

single player : No
cooperative : No
deathmatch (2-16) : Yes
difficulty settings : No
new sounds : No
new graphics : No
new music : No
demos replaced : None

* construction *

base : New level from scratch
editor(s) used : EntEd, Dos EDIT, Worldcraft
known Bugs : None
build Time : 4 hours

* other info *

id rules.

pimpsmacka for beta testing and telling me what was fledgling
my subhumans for giving me all these precious metals from the mine
the peons quake clan for being just me and pimpsmacka and dracle

no thanks:
hunchback of the fpeons (fledgling peons) who repeatedly refused
to play quake.
my brother for getting all mad when i deleted his .mp3's
mr. leak

how to use this map:
copy the ntrash3.bsp file into your quake\id1\maps or quake\fortress\maps
directory. then run quake.
in the console, type "map ntrash3" (without the quotes)

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