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File: Contact2
Author: Gin Tonic
Downloads: 570
Description: Contact2
Size: 1.1MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
**** This map designed for the TeamFortress quakeC mod ****
Title : Contact2

Filename :

Files : Contact2.bsp

Author(s) : Gin Tonic and Nick Nougat

Tasks : Gin - Map design and the occasional
nervous breakdown facing crashes
and irrational editor behaviour.
Nick - Revision, testing,
entity stuff & qwtest coordination,
moral support against computer
oriented violence ;)

Contact (via Nick) : [email protected]

Description : TeamFortress v2.5 and higher Quake Map

* Play Information *

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress QuakeC
patch, which can be downloaded from
or from

Single Player : Yeah - for exploration.
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
TeamFortress : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : A new model.... The Thing[tm] (just to have something
else than these boring flags and keys.... ;) )
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : Nope


Changes for Version 1.7 : -Yeah we did it! we made it box shaped! : (
----------------------- -Now the level doesn't crash Glquake anymore.(God
only knows why this happened)
-There is a tunnel now connecting the bases.
-Fixed the individual frags error.
-Maphelp is now availiable.
Changes for Version 2 : -There is now glass at the window by entrance.
--------------------- -The doors should be alright by now, although
we don't exactly know why, suddenly.
We just spent about 9 hours trying all
-The roof area has now been seperated with rock
This should help to decrease possible greyout on weak
machines and also speed up GL.
-Easy intrusion by RJ and GJ is no longer
-The water exit is now only accessible by two switches.
press the first and wait for the barrier to retreat to
shoot the button that's in the tube.
-kind of fixed the 'non-glowing' wall for touchdown under GL
-restructured lower sniper's nest so enemy snipers can't shoot
people coming from the lower respawn.

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft V1.5
Treeqbsp V1.61

Known Bugs : There should be none right now - hopefully
Except that during the last test a sentry disappeared in the
ramp room, probably because it dropped through the ground...?

Build Time : 2 months with bigger and smaller pauses...(originally)
+ again some weeks of horrendous cutting down and trying
of the initial design and at least 8 full days of
VISing-sessions for the sake of a 'normal'
gameplay and presenting Version 2.

GLVis'd : NO - We don't think there's much sense to also see through
water if there's enough graphics to display anyway.
and second point: We don't like it. Yeah it looks good but...

Grappling hook : disabled

Build Machine : P133 32Megs RAM
Tested With: : P133 32 Meg , Mystique + monster 3D,
P133 48 Meg Cirrus Logic and
K6 with 32 MEG + Mystique on:
WinQuake, Quake, GlQuake, qwcl, glqwcl

Optimal CLient : QWCL.exe on at least a P120 with 16+ megs

Thanks to : -Id Software for one of the best games ever made
-The TF Team for the best and only Quake patch we play
-The Guys at Quakelab (http://www.planetquake/quakelab)
For great lumps of information.
-Ben Morris for Worldcraft
-All people who decided put this map on their servers.
-To Erik Selberg for the first feedback on Ver 1. and
enthusiastically putting this map on his server in spite
of tons of greyout.

Special Thanks to : -PIGs for letting us test on their great server
-ELD for Server access, co-testing and advice.
-[ELD]Richie for Help and great support on various topics
-Gumbo [Hiv] for extremely valuable testing and hints.

General things:

unzip to a temp directory
move Contact2.bsp into your quake\fortress\maps directory
move thing.mdl into your quake\fortress\progs directory


If you own a rather fast computer (let's say a P120+ with (more than) 16 Meg) you might
be able to increase your system performance quite a bit:

Just add to your command line:

-r_maxsurfs 1200 (or more)
-r_maxedges 3200 (or more)
-heapsize 20000 (or more)


For all the Gl-ers out there: We tried to make Contact2 playable for Gl also
but the thing is that we, as we started
building, didn't have any opportunity to
test the map. We just got our 3D some days after Ver 1.7
and we couldn't know about the 'sky-hole'
problems Glquake seems to have. The thing is
if we should cut up our map even more to
make it suitable for any kind of system we
would destroy the character entirely. I hope
the design makes up for this.(what's left
of it at least)
Well, the new seperation of the roof area should
improve things a bit.

This map is also planned for Quake2-TF as soon as we find an appropriate
editor/converter and have some info about it. If you have a prog and think
it's really great please tell me.

Map overview:
Contact2 is a map recommended for approx 18 players, but stuff as many in there
as you like ;)

The scenario:
Two bases situated half in water linked by an isle.(Well now the water
is a mere puddle but...)

Contact2 is a classical Capture the Flag map (except perhaps that the flag
is a thing ;) ).

This means:

Get the enemy thing by going on top of the roof of their base and falling down
the tunnel to the basement.
There either shoot the switch to open the water door or head up again....
Touch down at the glowing wall with the tech symbols situated in your
ramp room / your lower sniper balcony.


How do to open the water doors:
- There are two doors. One in the floor of the cellar and one in the wall facing the
other base. The door in the floor is only opened from outside with a shootable
switch. The other one is opened by first pressing the button on the ramp. Then wait
for the striped barrier in the small tube to retrieve until a shootable button is
revelaed. Hurry after shooting it.


Nobody's allowed to use this map as a base for his own maps, to modify it in any other way
without permission. We had a hard! time building it and this should already be enough a reason.
You may include it in any level pack or publish it in any way as long as you include the Zip file

All mentioned trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

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