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File: Colony2: The Culling Station
Author: Mark Turner
Downloads: 563
Description: Colony2: The Culling Station
Size: 633KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Saturday 11th October '97

Title : Colony2: The Culling Station
Filename : Colony2.bsp
Author : Mark Turner
E-mail Address : [email protected]
I would appreciate any comments
or opinions anyone has on this map.
I want as much feedback as possible.
Thanks for checking this map out!

URL : I don't have my own,
but some of my favourites are:

Other publications : I made Colony a while ago, and a few
demos here and there. Though most are
availible at and

Description : This is my second Quake map. Another base
level. My next one will be runic, I hope!
It's not my favourite type of map, (I prefer
the castles theme, like Rituals 'Black Cathederal')
but I am pleased with what I have accomplished.
I just hope you will be too :)

Main Credit to : ID Software whom hath inspired us all!
Tim Willits for showing us how these levels
should be done. And not forgetting _=AKUMA=_
who publicised this level so well!

Additional Credits to : Armin Rigo, the Author of QuArK, and generally
all round talented programmer.

The creator of the Reaper Bots.
_=AKUMA=_, for the testing, and ideas, as well as
some useful opinions on styling and design.

Crash for a cool web page.
Matt Sefton for so many cool levels, and an
excellent page. Credit is also due to the
authors of some of my favourite levels;

Death's Taste (UTAH)
Rust In Peace (Mike Reute)
Beyond Belief (Matthias Worch)
Arcane (Matt Sefton)

FTP for being BIG!
And all the people of the Quake community!


* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes

Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes, 4 player starts which are slightly staggered
through the level.

Deathmatch 2-16 Player : Yes, well actually about 10 starts.
DM also has several newly accessible areas
and lots more interconnectivity. I tried to make
this side of things as fun as possible.

Difficulty Settings : Yes, Easy to hard.
Src .Qc : No
Progs.dat : No
New Model /s : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : No

* Construction *

Base : New from Scratch

Editor(s) used : QuArK 3.6 to 3.9 (Armin updates almost every fortnight!)

Compile Machine : P133 16M-EDO

Build time : Months!
Well about 3 weeks solid work.
I wanted DM to work as well as possible!

Brushes : 1357
Entities : 589
Monsters on Easy : 50
Monsters on Normal : 75
Monsters on Hard : 90 (fully recommended).

Soundtrack : number 4. God knows what this is on the
normal Quake CD, but it rocks on the
excellent Ritual Mission Pack #1.

qbsp : Dont know, see I spilled my soup on my jotter,
and my anorak, so my paper was useless! I think this flask
is broken too. (about 2.5 Hours!!)

Light-extra : 15-20 Minutes

vis : 1H 15 Minutes

Known Bugs : Public Loos.

Installation & play : Put Colony2.bsp in a Maps directory, create one if needed,
inside the quake\id1\ directory. EG: quake\id1\maps
Start Quake, at the start map choose Easy, Normal, or Hard.
Then,bring down the console, type: "map Colony2" (Without the
" " marks). Where Colony2 is the name of the map you want to

* Copyright / Permissions *

This .BSP file may be distributed for free over the Internet, providing
that this .TXT file is distributed with it as is. You may NOT put this
.BSP file on a CD or any other media without the written permission of
the author.

I also expressly forbid any of those TF hacking Gits from modifying
this map (again). They mess up the job, and I get all the bloody mail
about the problems with it. Ask next time, you might even get the map file...

I welcome any requests to modify this map for Scourge of Armagon,
Dissolution of Eternity, Painkeep and so on, all you have to do
is ask.

Where to get this BSP:

(and it's many many mirror FTP sites)

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