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File: David Rattigan
Author: 2fort5ratman
Downloads: 1108
Description: 2fort5ratman
Size: 541KB
Date: 12/05/2002

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Additional Info:
Team Fortress Map
author: David Rattigan [email protected]
map 2fort5ratman.bsp
mapmaker:Aberrant [email protected]

This version of 2fort5...the most popular map in Team Fortress is a Mega TF map
Server running this map is [MS]Ratman's Mega TF
GameSpy will help you jump into this map.

A minefield consisting of 7 mines per team activated by a demoman only.
The demoman must touch the sterio at his base. The sterio loops the beginning beats of Led Zepplin's Levee song.
The TF flag models have been replaced by an animated sheep model.
The ammo rooms have been abundantly stocked with more modified looking ammo than any team could ever use.
Unlimited detpacks per life.
Enemy turrets at upper respawn and base...base turret fires rockets.
Zombies at flag.
Capping fires 4 rockets from your deck to enemy deck.
Thunder..lightning..and rain added and the lightning kills.
Tree and vines added for cover.

[email protected]

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