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File: Canyon_run
Author: [-TWS-]Dave
Downloads: 1097
Description: Canyon_run
Size: 753KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Canyon_run - Valley of the lost souls
By David Norton aka [-TWS-]Dave
[email protected]

Demolition - your job is to blow up the 4 targets
the storage room, the fuel depo, the satalite comunications
center and finaly the bridge.
Bodyguards - Protect the the demoman and stop the defusers.
Defenders - Guard the 4 targets.
Bomb Defusers - Defuse the demomans bombs.

Blue and Red - 30 points per building, 50 points for the bridge
yellow and green - 2 points every 30 seconds

Other Notes: There are detpack resuply points scaterd accross the map

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