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File: 2cylin4
Author: Eciton
Downloads: 874
Description: 2cylin4
Size: 424KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
====================TEAMFORTRESS MAP====================TEAMFORTRESS MAP====================

DATE: February 1998

EMAIL: (could change quite a lot, use ICQ) [email protected]

AUTHOR: Eciton (A. Newman)

NAME: 2cylin4 (what a name, so original, so inspired ;) )

THE MAP: This is my first attempt at a teamfortress map.
I created it to be very small, for three reasons:
1. There are plenty of big maps
2. Servers often don't have more than 10 people on
3. Small maps run faster.
It sort of evolved from the idea of a wall in the middle,
which is accessible to both teams.
I added the bases, and they evolved from there.
There is no water, as I find it becomes too easy to die in it if you are
This is a player's map: it is shoddy, but designed for easy playing-
no lifts to get trapped in by lag, no water to drown in, and no doors to
get stuck shut by your lag.
Also, there are no respawn rooms, so this discourages somewhat respawn
camping, and makes the game a lot faster. I used fast respawning packs to
give ammo and health, as I found that waiting for ammo/health/armour was
really annoying. There are two of these per team.
There are no special features on the map: just get the flag :)

EDITOR: I made it on worldcraft 1.1a, which is brilliant, and QuArK for some
entity modification.
It took about 3 weeks of sporadic work, so about 5/6 hours or so.
I used rvis, qbsp256c and light.

MAP DATA: The data for this is here, although it was done in a dosbox so some data
is lost:
qbsp: entdata 12813
31 textures
127 seconds
light: 112 entities
535 seconds
216712 lightdatasize
vis: 916 seconds
30797 compressed visdata size

TOTAL TIME: 1578 seconds

KNOWN BUGS: 1. In steep tunnels, grenades drop through floor
2. Top red stairs are red
3. Little gaps here and there
4. Can drop past air tunnel (I did this deliberately, just tellin' ya :) )
5. Misaligned textures
6. Hundreds of 'brightness' fields which I couldn't be bothered to remove
appear on startup. Guaranteed removal if you like this version :)
7. Says sf's home on startup, though it might not be <:0
8. When I test it I always appear in the same place: feedback on multiplayer

MACHINE: This was done on a Gateway 2000 P200 MMX with 32MB RAM, 10.2GB HDD,
3dfx, 4MB video card.

ME: I'm Anthony Newman, from Windsor, UK, and on servers as Eciton (Latin for
Ant [real name] :) )

THANKS: Thanks to the teamfortress team, ID software, and the makers of worldcraft
and quark.
Also, thanks to the makers of other maps (chaos1 +2fort5) for giving me
examples of tf_goals and packs.

Enjoy! and give me feedback on ICQ: 6131368

PS: sorry this text file is a bit disorganised :), but I couldn't be bothered to plan it etc.

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