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File: 2 Castles
Author: DrDebug.MA
Downloads: 939
Description: 2 Castles
Size: 538KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title : 2 Castles
Filename : 2castle6.bsp
Author : DrDebug.MA (The Minos Academy)
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Team Fortress map featuring 2 castles (doh!)
and some nifty powerups.
Additional thanks to : All those critics :)

Check out minos at:


* Play info *

Single Player : No
Coop : No
Deathmatch : Yes (Team Fortress only)
Difficulty Settings : No
New sound/music/graphics: Textures for team side identification.
Base : New level from scratch
Tools used : WorldCraft 1.1a
Build Time : 8 days
Bugs: : Some grey outs when you're on top of the turrets
at the back of a castle, and are looking to
other castle. You can fix this locally, by
setting r_maxsurfs to 1200, and setting
r_maxedges to 2800. Just put the following two
lines in your .cfg file.

r_maxsurfs 1200
r_maxedges 2800

Legal: : (c) 1997 Ian Day. All rights reserved.
This level may be distributed only via the
internet for no charge to the recipient.

Changes since version 4 : We now don't allow the demoman

A Spawn point pointed the wrong way, and a
couple of red spawns said 'Get them reds'...

Slight speed increase made by splitting the map
sections a little more effectively.

The enemy key dropoff point now requires that
your team's key is in it's initial resting

Added heat restistance to the Blast armor.

Changes since version 5: Got rid of the annoying sticky out bits that
annoyed the hell out of everyone.

Straightened out a few minor brushes.

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