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File: 2 Castles too
Author: Someone
Downloads: 963
Description: 2 Castles too
Size: 762KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Title: 2 Castles too
File: 2cast2.bsp
Author: [cd]Someone (Kyle Graehl)
Email Address:
Icq: 1520869
Description: This is my Team Fortress map. You take the key (in ememy
caves) and capture it (take it to your couch)

This looks nice and hopefully plays good :I
Vis took 14266 seconds (about 6 hours
Qbsp didn't take long
Light didn't take long

Play Information

Single Player No
Cooperative: No
Capture the Flag: No
Deathmatch: No
Team Fortress: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Graphics: Yes
New Music: No


Base: New level from scrach
Editor: Worldcraft *buy the full ver. people!*
Know Bugs: Too many edges and faces; goes grey in one part. Oh yeah
on the bridge, there's a gap. No reason for that ... other
than a careless mistake. Well, you could stick hidden pipe-
bombs in there :)
Build Time: A while off and on


Okay, where are the flags? If you go in the enemy base, and push one of the
books, a door opens. Go though that door and down the water. This leads
to a cave. Go in the cave and take the flag. Return it to your own couch.
Ummm ... if any servers run this, I'd like them to tell me.

Kyle 'Someone' Graehl

Tell me what you think damnit!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah, and the buttons that heal, give armor etc. Thanks too smooth for the
idea (well, i copied it :)

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