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File: 2Bunkers2 Fast
Author: Daniel Alatalo
Downloads: 865
Description: 2Bunkers2 Fast
Size: 870KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
**** This map designed for the Team Fortress v2.8 quakeC mod ****
Title : -2Bunkers2 Fast- new version of 2bunkers2.
Filename : 2bunk2F.bsp
Author : Daniel Alatalo
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Team Fortress Quake Map

Lookout for my other maps: Elit99, Elit2000, 2Bunkers2 and (Assault-Built with fellow map maker Ravenlord).
* Play Information *

Single Player : NOT!!!
Cooperative : No way!
Deathmatch : Deathmatch sucks!
CTF : NO! Dm with Flag and runes! It still sucks!
Team Fortress : Hell Yes!
Difficulty Settings : !HARD! you are playing against other humans!
New Sounds : Put the wav files in the misc dir.
New Graphics : Q2 textures :D put all the mdl files in fortress/progs/
New Music : Music? Do you think this is a Disco?
Demos Replaced : Nope Sorry!

* Construction *

Base : Update to 2Bunkers2
Editor(s) used : WorldCraft, EntEd v2.0
Known Bugs : none
Build Time : A few days hard work
Light : What do you think?
Vis : ofcours ;)

Have Fun!

*Game play*

Grab the key and return i to your computer and touch the consol on the left side.

*New in 2bunkers2 Fast*
It´s desiged to be a fast map and fitted to public servers that typ of gameplay!

You can teleport to the enemy base from your ammoroom or by walking up to the enemy teleport destination out side your base.
To get back to the your base just jump in the teleport at the same place you teleported to in the enemy base.

*If you shoot the doors on the sniper nest they open and you can make a double RL jump up.
*Keep up the pressure on the enemy team! Grab a pack in your ammo room and tele to the enemy base fast.
*If you are playing without TK put a demo man under the enemy sniper nest and make him place a pipe bomb trap.
Then step on it and let him detonate it weeeee! You fly up to the snipers nest, just shoot the door and get in :D

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