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File: 2 Base Cobra
Author: <[[>VeNoM
Downloads: 890
Description: 2 Base Cobra
Size: 815KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
*** This map is for Team Fortress v2.8 ***

/---\ |---\
| /\ | | O /
- | | | | /--\ /--\ |--
/ / | O \ | O| \__ |--
_/ /_ |___/ \__/\ __/ |--
| __/ |-|
| | | |
| |_ /-\ | -\ |-|/-\ /--\
| \ |0| | 0| | | | O|
\____/ \-/ \__/ | | \__/\

Title : 2 Base Cobra
Filename :
Author : Jeff C. - <[[>VeNoM
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Team Fortress v2.8 Quake Map

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
Team Fortress : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Diamonds and textures
New Music : No
New Demos : No

Programs : Worldcraft 1.6a (Registered, Quake Model Editor (qME), Microsoft Image Composer
Bugs : the moment that is ;)
Time : Full compilation was 5+ hours on Pentium, 166Mhz, 32 MB RAM

Special Thanks
-**This map has been submitted in memory of Clan Cobra**
-**of which some members moved on to better things like**
-**Calculus III (ya Pyro, I talkin to YOU!)**
-The members of Clan Cobra for which I made this map
-The people who have tested out the map in its developmental stages
-The Forge and various other Worldcraft editing sites
-The people of Valve, LLC for providing such a great piece of software
-Any other people who I have not mentioned here

Unzip the following into the corresponding directory

bluediam.mdl --------------- \fortress\progs\
reddiam.mdl --------------- \fortress\progs\
diamond.wav --------------- \fortress\sounds\items\
2bcobra.bsp --------------- \fortress\maps\

* Quakers that like to rocket/grenade jump will like the
area around the respawn. You can boost yourself up there
and camp above the respawn and walk around the roof of the building.

* As being a sniper myself, I tried to make areas that I would like
to snipe in. There are two dark towers on the sides of each base and
a larger tower in the front, as well as catwalks around various parts
of the level.

* The water is a little difficult to get out of. I find that it is a
little funny to blast someone into the water who doesn't know how to get
out. However, u can RJ or Gren jump out.

* There are two ramps coming down into the sewers just behind the respawn
areas. The ramp paths intersect and follow a series of ramps to a water
cave. The demoman can blow the wall that is fairly noticable. Under the
island in the middle is an underwater tunnel that can take you under.

* The diamonds are located in a small bunker at the very back of each
base, as to provide a challenge to get to it. Once retreived, return to
the very back of your base where you will see a portal. Jump through and
you will earn your team an extra ten points.

Extra Information
I am aware that there are portions of the map that will "gray out". The
complexity of the maps makes it rather difficult for quake to render it
all at once. In my opinion it disgraces the map somewhat, and unfortunetly
there is nothing I can do without changing the map's structure.

If you really like my map, tell the server admins. If you don't, well,
that's your problem I guess.


-<[[> VeNoM

Coopyright 1998 Jeff C. No modifications may be made to this map without permission from

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