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File: Blue Fortress 2
Author: Deadmeat
Downloads: 1686
Description: This map is the second part of the first map bluefort, a attack and defend map. This map has a red fort as well, making it a CTF map.
Size: 825KB
Date: 04/01/2005

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Additional Info:

Game : Half-life mod Team Fortress Classic

Category : TFC ctf map

Filename: bluefort2

Full name: Blue Fortress 2

Notes: This map is the second part of the
first map bluefort. But it only had one base.
This map has a redfort too. Hence the name.
There is a contol room to tell the defence
foxbots to defend or go for the flag. Lots
of fighting room.

Author: Deadmeat (Jimbo)
[email protected]
Made: 8:18 PM 13/07/2004

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