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File: Dustplate
Author: movingincircles
Downloads: 1145
Description: Invade and defend
Size: 790KB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:
Dustplate - Invade and defend
by Nicholas Chan (movingincircles)

Objective: Blue team must take their flag to
Red team's Headquarters to win the game.
There are two command points on the way
which must be secured in order.

Scoring: Red team - 5 points per minute
Blue team - 30 points per capture
- 120 points for HQ

Other Notes: When a capture point is secured,
spawn points are revised and a new flag
appears. Rounds last 25 minutes.


Dustplate Revision
by Nicholas Chan (movingincircles)

My first Attack/Defend style map...
Don't expect a dustbowl2 from the 1337 mappers of valve, instead, expect an amateur map.
This map was rushed to get it released by Christmas (notice at the end of the map, it's crappy).

Put the wad in half-life\tfc folder, put the .bsp in half-life\tfc\maps

Merry Christmas....


[email protected]
AIM: chance32988

December 26, 2002
-Fixed grenade messages on non-grenade packs.
-Changed Defenders to start with no grenades.
-Compiled the texture into the bsp.
-Fixed capture points 2 and 3, where attackers do not need a flag to cap.
December 25, 2002
-sent to Planetfortress
December 23, 2002

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