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File: kingdom_r2
Author: Doughnut
Downloads: 1329
Description: Attack/Defend
Size: 3.2MB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:
4th revision of this map

Map by [eXeL]Doughnut-x4
Sky Texture by Mighty Pete
Stained Glass by [WTF?]Evile Dick
[email protected]
Canalzone textures from Ramirez & [email protected]
Other textures from Muad'Dib
[email protected]
Final texture credit to JCH
-jch[email protected]


Installation guide:

Steam users install the zip into your ".com\team fortress classic" directory and everything
should fall into place!

For reference purposes or self installation:

Half-Life\tfc\maps kingdom_r2.bsp
kingdom readme.txt

Half-Life\tfc\sound\music Zelda.wav
Half-Life\tfc\sound\ambience crowdcheer.wav
Half-Life\tfc\sound\misc xena.wav
Half-Life\tfc\sound\Effects crickets.wav
Half-Life\tfc\sound\nm_tfc burning.wav

Half-Life\tfc\sprites\ fire.spr

Half-Life\tfc\gfx\env sunset02ft.tga

Special thx to: (deep breathe)
Clans that gave me a chance: UAF, NiX, SKS, eXeL, IOD, tmp, 4|4
Experienced Mappers who answered my tedious questions: Mulchman, TyrantII and everyone @ #iNvasionWorks
Also thanks to: Silkk, Dogfighter, LadyM (and BabyM), Roxx, Gh0st, Ultima, AssMongrel, DK, FadetoBlah,
Poly, Pant, Vio, jigga, SC, skewy, Zues, SatansWill, iabd, gator, BlaZe, Clue, Sinister, AW, evil and baby evil,
Bang, Primus, Player, Steel Python, Slayer, DM, Recoil, LightBandit, SV, Army, Incursion, Llamo, CoDe, Juda,
X-Rated, Ruiner, Phaelinx, We$iDe, NyTeMaRe, Smasher, FRA, Thrik, Thunder, and everyone else i'm forgetting!
and of course a special thx to the history channel for teaching me more cool shit about castles than i ever learned
from our school systems.

Contacts: My AIM name is the most consistant way to get in touch with me: "StarFoxMcCloud"

Maps Story:
I had a making of but then i got a viruz through an irc jpeg and formatted the drive, so heres the shorter version.
Maps designed after watching a lot of those channel 9 documentarys on castles. Im only sorry I couldnt
"Give 'em the lead" like in airplane the movie. Anyways this map was in my mind for months until i finally decided
to start it and a week later i got the final. This is my 12th map and sort of a crowner. Its my first a/d map.
I love the 3rd party a/d maps out there on one or two servers. Its too bad this game doesnt have more 3rd party map
support. My first map just made league but I had to sleep with an admin to get that realtity to come. Hope you like the
map. I wont go into any detail about the creation but I thank the texture artists who made my art gallery possible
and so many other cool areas. Enjoy the map and id love to hear from anyone on AIM.

Revision History:
A friend of mine gave me a link to a webboard referencing my map and it turns out the A/D Leagues actually showed
a spark of interest. I worked vigorously to amend to their requests. 1) "the largest problem that stuck out was the
respawn issues" I believe ive fixed the bug and actually improved on valves flaws. 2) "cap 2 & especially cap 4
could use some bags added" Two additional bags were placed at each of these areas. 3) "Something else that was
brought up was the invisible wall, allowing you to jump onto the roof of the barracks." At risk of rising r_speeds
I took down the wall and I think its still playable. 4) "The music does get annoying after awhile. If it played
alittle tune in the begining, or when the flag was capped" I altered the music file to be short and to be played only
after cap4. Knowing the little tune actually helps you know when the 1st gate will drop now.
A special thanks to the tmp clan who taped a "DUH" sign on my forehead... turns out valve's avanti coding has just got
bugs and I revelationed to use dustbowls spawn points even though Ive got twice the spawns.
I also recall one guy bitching about the barracks door being small so i opened it up more. I actually was thinking
of having the roof be able to detpack but Im not sure if I could figure out how to reset it.
I had to remove everything "team" oriented cause i used dustbowl spawns and couldnt swap whom the spawn guns would
shoot after easily; so I decided to raise the 1st spawn cave so that they wouldnt receive an attack from above.
Oh ya the bags on cap4 are in those cool little organ chamber doors on either side of the throne room.
I hope I aided in the map balance. I always strive to make defensive maps that arent near impossible for offense.

Revision 3:
Im pissed. I copy/pasted a new set of entities which will hopefully fix the spawnpoints. Flags are no longer tossable;
I dont know why and I dont care anymore. I decided to add a ceiling breach on cap3 for fun, just in case the bigger door
isnt enough; however I think getting a detpack on that roof is harder. A few minor bugs in the map like the gates dont open
right on the millisecond and the first door opening is timed off of the spawn points. Also i took down all the gates
cause people on defense were saying they want to build on cap4 when the enemy hasnt got cap1 yet. I think that is all.
If this revision doesnt fix the bugs, I'll most likely seek another mappers opinion. Fun map fact: Theres only 1 light bulb
used in this map and its called the SUN!

Revision 4: (map name: kingdom_r2)
So I finally fixed the spawn bug, praise Jesus! But I hate rereleasing maps without a little something extra to entice the senses,
so I also added two things my castle lacked which helped me resolve another issue; people were complaining that cap4 was
too hard. I opened up cap4 by putting in a side entrance which I call the armory, just incase you're wondering what those wood
shelves are... ordinarily you'd put spears swords and M16s on those racks. Armory was the first thing my castle didn't have;
the second thing for any of you history channel castle special dorks is a well or water supply located inside the castle walls.
I have a well at the start of the map but most medieval castles had a food storage and water supply inside the inner most walls.
Damn it... i forgot to put in a food storage shed... i'll put that in the next release along with a kitchen. :P
Oh, I also put in a sniper hole above cap4 which is rather hard to get to. I really just added all the extra scenery to give a
sense of a larger castle. I hate confined space... ever wonder what's outside the 2fort walls?

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