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File: Pulse_l League
Author: Skeebz
Downloads: 1153
Description: Capture The Flag for 10 points. Dropped flags return to their Base after 60 seconds.
Size: 914KB
Date: 07/18/2003

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Additional Info:

Pulse_l League
By Jamie "Skeebz" Manson
[email protected]

thanks to:
poke646 SP mod for new textures

Capture The Flag for 10 points
Dropped flags return to their
Base after 60 seconds.

Flagroom glass roofs are Detpackable.
Main room grate can be destroyed, to
allow quicker flag room access.
There is a teleport to the capture
point from the snipers nest.

Only one respawn, but many resupplies
Respawn - Main Room
Resupply- Sniper nest & beside flagroom

Another map made for the BY community

Thanks to:

Worx/smile server for testing
TCA/TS server for testing
Toothpick for map name and suggestions
Murasame for suggestions
Eni for map suggestions
CiC and TCA for having a proper match on it!
Hulkeh and Paranoid for randomness/
uploading map :D

And the BY community!

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