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File: Two Forts: Classic Revision
Author: Dill-Hole
Downloads: 1116
Description: Two Forts: Classic Revision
Size: 418KB
Date: 12/05/2002

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Additional Info:
**** This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.6+ quakeC mod ****

Release Date: January 21st
Title : Two Forts: Classic Revision
Filename : 2fort4r.bsp
Revision : Dill-Hole
: tYpe O-
Original Map Design : John Cook
Email Addresses : [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (Jojie)
URLs : to be released
(TeamFortress Software's Website)
Description : TeamFortress v2.5+ Capture the Flag style map

Additional Credits to : -id for making Quake
-The TF Community for keeping this game alive
-John Cook of TFS for all his hard work on
the early versions of Two Forts and permission
to release this map.

* Play Information *

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.5 or
higher QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from or from

TeamFortress : Yes, up to 32 players supported for QW
Single Player : Nothing to kill, no guns
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch (2-16) : No
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Models : No
New Textures : A few
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
AutoTeam : No
Hook : No

* Construction *

Editor(s) used : Quark
rVIS 1.0

Known Bugs : None Yet

Notes : I have been getting sick of all the hacks out there
that were for regular 2fort4, but liked the map and
seen how I could change it a bit to make a classic
come back, and make a few changes that I felt was a
good revision. Thanks to the people that helped with
the ideas.. Digital Jedi, AssChunk, Entropy, and a few
others that helped make this possible. Enjoy, and do
not worry about the hacks anymore, the .map will NOT
be released. =]

Things changed :#1-) the bump in the red base is gone YAY
#2-) the texturess are all fixed no more mixed
textures that look very confusing.
#3-) Lighting, its more even in both bases, for instance
the Red base no longer has a shadow in the key room
and the blue base has a dark grate now.
#4-) Elevator has been changed, it has a delay on it so
more than 1 person has time to get on it without
good timeing, also speaking of which, it also will
go up and down no matter if a person is on it or not
meaning the person who likes to talk while standing
on the elevator will not be a factor, cause it in time
will come back down. (meaning you can id this dumb ass)
#5-) the walls on the red and blue side have been evened out
near the sniper deck so that you can gren jump over both
#6-) the upper supply door has been made wider so not only 2
people can fit in at once, but also makes the people who
like to build sentries a bit sad.
#7-) some of the walls, and other things (entities) have been
changed so that people can NOT use the hacked version of
2fort4, (they coudln't even edit the version of 2fort4hack
if they had it to make it like this map. so no more hacked
maps YAY, and no I am not going to release this .map file =]

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