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File: GenSurf 1.9
Author: David Hyde
Downloads: 1333
Description: This is a map surface generator that works with Half-Life. It can help you create terrain for maps.
Size: 345KB
Date: 11/27/2002

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Additional Info:
Quake2/3 map surface generator
David Hyde
[email protected]

Fixed support for curved surfaces with the Q3Radiant plugin version. This
change does not effect the standalone or QERadiant plugin.

Changed caption buttons - context-sensitive help button is no longer
present, and the main GenSurf window can be minimized. Context-sensitive
help is still available by right-clicking on a control or pressing F1
while the control in question has the input focus.

1.8 Beta
I'm calling this a beta because there are issues with Q3 curves that I'm not
quite sure of. As far as I know GenSurf isn't doing anything *wrong*, but it's
possible that there might be currently unknown workarounds that solve some of
the problems you might encounter if you use GenSurf to generate curved
surfaces. Stay tuned.

Unzip to... well... anywhere you want. It doesn't matter.

New features:

- As implied above, support for Quake 3 Arena, including the ability to use
curved surface patches rather than the standard triangular prisms. Be sure to
read all the warnings on the web page before spending (wasting) a lot of time
with this feature.

- Relaxed size constraints on the grid. You can now produce a 64x64 grid of
triangles... that's 8192 triangles... think about that before you do it. This
change was made at the request of several users who know what they're doing
(namely, taking a few weeks off while their map compiles). I do NOT suggest
using a grid anywhere near this large for "normal" maps, unless you're also
using GenSurf's decimation feature.

- New generation method... if you own Microsoft Excel 5.0 or later you can
use any Excel-valid formula to describe a surface. Not especially useful for
terrain unless you throw in a rand() or 2, but might have other applications.

- Bug fix: Half-Life maps with decimated grids did not produce the requested
hint brushes. This was a carryover from days long ago... well, September...
when you couldn't use hint brushes in Half-Life.

************************ DISCLAIMER ***************************
* *
* David Hyde makes no warranties regarding the computer *
* program GENSURF.EXE. Users assume responsibility for the *
* results achieved for computer program use and should *
* verify applicability and accuracy. *
* *
* Neither id Software nor Ritual Entertainment supports the *
* changes made to the included version of qbsp3.exe. Use *
* this progam at your own risk. *
* *

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