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File: House Battle
Author: VoodooChild
Downloads: 948
Description: House Battle
Size: 343KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
You've heard about it...
You've played it unlit...
You've played it un-vis'ed...
Now the moment you've all been waiting for...


A new map
Conceived, Designed, and Produced by:
in conjunction with
Severed Heads Entertainment
VoodooChild's Pain Factory

"House Battle"

Description: A simple network of open caves, small tunnels, rock ledges,
wooden bridges, roads, and water tunnels all converge on a two-story brick
house in the center.

Objective: Carry your flag from your spawnpoint to the tile in the center of
the second story of the house. This awards your team 10 points and all team
members 10 frags.

Notes: You continue to carry your flag after scoring. The goal may only be
scored no sooner than 60 seconds after it was last scored. When you die
while carrying your flag it returns to start immediately.

Additional Note: This is the fully vis'ed version with backpacks added.

Performance: Texture count and polygon count both low. Now that it's
vis'ed it should run OK on even the slower machines. Note the map file size
is smaller than any of the 2fort maps.

I would like to play this on desverger's server after practice with 3 on 3
at least, with anyone who's interested (unless we can find an admin on a
bigger server).

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