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File: TFC FGD 1.5F rev. 10
Author: Professional Victim
Downloads: 1601
Description: Enables Hammer to use the Team Fortress Classic entities.
Size: 18KB
Date: 07/12/2003

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Additional Info:
Changes since version 1.5F, in reverse chronological order:

Edited now unused info_areadef to state that fact.
Removed duplicate ZLightflag from the button_target SolidClass base (thanks to Andy Howard).
Fixed bug with info_tfgoal goal effects property defaulting to 0 instead of 1.
Fixed a bug with the Replacement Model Flags property showing up as "0".
Fixed a number of property names that were too long for the dialog box.
Added a number of undocumented "artifact" entities that remained from the Quake days.
Added TFCriteria fix that had somehow not been included in 1.5F rev. 1.
Added missing "(Use Teamcheck Entity)" value to spawn points' Team Allowed... property. ([WTF?]Snowdog)
Added targetname to func_tankcontrols for killtargeting. (Dan Sheehan)
Added deathtype to trigger_hurt.
Added goal activation to trigger_hurt (thanks Radish).
Added new entities for ZHLT 2.5.3 (info_compile_parameters, info_texlights).
Fixed property name of "Return Item #" to remove incorrect specification.
Fixed various random capitalizations and spelling errors.
Fixed name of skyname property.
Fixed TriggerTarget property on Monster baseclass for turrets.
Fixed base classes of func_water that had gotten removed in 1.5E.
Fixed bug with info_player_teamspawn's Angles key.

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