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File: The Den of Fools
Author: Cirdan
Downloads: 954
Description: The Den of Fools
Size: 342KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
>>>> This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.7 quakeC mod <<<<

Title : The Den of Fools
Filename : 1Fool1a.bsp
Author(s) : Tim Whitson, a.k.a. Cirdan
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Two Fort design with some added


* Play Information *

Level Name : The Den of Fool's

Single Player : No
Cooperative 1-32 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-32 Player : Yes
TeamFortress : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No

New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Sound Track : No
Demos Replaced : None
.map Included : No

Software needed to play :
(ctf, normal quake etc.) Quake (registered) and TeamFortress (not
really needed but kinda boring without it.)

Comments : Two Fort Design, capture the enemy flag and return
it to your fort's drop off point. Has a secret
sniper spot, couple extra goodies to enhance your
playing. Let me know what you think or if you have
any ideas you'd like to see in future maps.
First in a collection of maps by The Fool's Quarter.

Revision A : I changed all the resupply bags to give the same thing,
including a Detpack. I also made the bridge smaller and
I used a different brush color to avoid the confusion I
was told about. A few of the lights where move around
abit to add or remove shadows to enhance game play.

* Construction *

Base : Original Construction
Build Time : Seven Days

Times & stats :System Used : PII 266, 130 Megs of RAM
Qbsp : 15 sec
RVis (-level 4) : 146 sec
Light (-extra) : 211 sec

Texture WAD used: Basic Quake WAD
Editor(s) used : Quark
Known Bugs : None

* Legal Stuff * (c) 1998 Tim Whitson. All rights reserved.
This level may be distributed via any means as long as there
is no charge to the recipient.

Thanks: Id Software, the greatest of games. TeamFortress, making a great
game even better. QuakeWorld and GameSpy, I never knew life on
the internet could be so easy. Last by not least, Armin Rigo
for Quark, what a great and easy to use program. Thanks a lot!

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