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File: tempest_r3
Author: Faelic
Downloads: 499
Description: tempest_r3
Size: 836KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
tempest_r3 - by Faelic

Quick list of changes since tempest_r2:

Added net names to both cap points, consistent with 2fort capture points netnames
this should allow caps to be logalyzed now. Added netnames to individual scoring
areas on the way out of the base. This will now show the route that the flag took
as it is being carried out of the base as well as who got it past which point.

A quick summary of the syntax of the netnames for those is listed below.


lvl1 1 - FR exit, water side
lvl1 2 - FR exit towards T junction opposite lower spawn room
lvl1 3 - FR exit towards spiral stairs
lvl1 4 - FR exit opposite of 2

lvl2 1 - lower elevator point
lvl2 2 - lower spiral point
lvl2 3 - water exit stairs point

lvl3 1 - initial water point
lvl3 2 - top spiral point
lvl3 3 - top elevator point

lvl4 1 - exit into RR closest to elevator
lvl4 2 - exit into RR closest to spiral stairs
lvl4 3 - midway water point
lvl4 4 - pipe exit into RR

lvl5 1 - final water point
lvl5 2 - sniper deck point
lvl5 3 - main entrance point

blue - in the blue base, red scoring
red - in red base, blue scoring

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