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File: sic_faceoff
Author: Bloodvayne
Downloads: 430
Description: sic_faceoff
Size: 128KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Created by: Bloodvayne

Time to make: 2 hours (without the smoke breaks =P)

This map has 2 arenas to frag on! 1 is land...the other is a Toxic zone
..with not much room to run around on! You are stripped of grenades..
because really...its is the pussy way out of a fight :)

R_speeds are very low....i did not even hit 190 or up anywhere!

1 Leaf portal saw through leaf error....but it does not effect anything anyhow!

This map was created for <|sic|> Clan...which I am a part of....this helps better train us
on 1 on 1 battles! Hope yous enjoy!




[email protected] ,if there are any problems you have
or any improvements youd like to see!

Happy Fraggin!!!

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