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File: Shipment
Author: dww{~HPB~}
Downloads: 380
Description: Shipment
Size: 328KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Info_beta TFC map submittal................................................

This is a beta version of TFC map being released
for testing and feedback. We ask that you do not
redistribute this map, or steal any of authors ideas.
Although it is OK to be inspired by. Please submit
and comments on map to info_beta forum.


Map name: Shipment

Author: dww{~HPB~}

Version #: 1

Date submitted: 10/24/99

Custom Files: No custom files.

Comments: I am worried about the performance of the trains
under heavy multiplayer use. Of course any gameplay, graphic,
entity, or content suggestions are welcome. Other info below.




Put all files in:


Suggested players: 10+

There is only one way to get to the upper DEA level
once on the ground, through a ladder in the narrow canyon.

The supply is destroyed by inflicting damage on the
ground below it. Points are given when the damage max
is reached, and then it will reset.

The chopper will always make a complete flight once
started, and will return to DEA respawn when done.

The chopper will wait, then take off and reset after
landing on the smuggler's base.

If the Pilot is not in the plane when it finishes,
anyone else inside will fall out as it resets and no
points will be given to the smugglers.

Everyone respawns when the Pilot successfully flies
out the plane.

There is no turret by the Pilot respawn.



Pilot (Blue): Once the package is in
the plane in the LOADING DOCK, get in
the cockpit to fly it out.
Smugglers (Red): Carry the package
from the STORAGE building to the
plane at the LOADING DOCK.

DEA (Yellow):
Follow the YELLOW SIGNS or use the
CHOPPER to infiltrate the smugglers
base and destroy their supply behind it.

by dww{~HPB~} Copyright 1999 with Qoole99


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