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File: S High 1.1
Author: Storken
Downloads: 401
Description: S High 1.1
Size: 389KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Name: S High 1.1

Game: TFC

Author: Storken

Tools: Worldcraft 3.3 and Zooners Half-Life tools

Time to build: Lots and lots of hours... (around 20 h maybe)


Whats new:
Fixed the "blue team only" bug, when a blue team member took a backpack everyone in
the red team got a message that said "blue team only".

Fixed the "health bug", I´d forgotten to give the red team health in their backpacks...
And I made the the ground a little better...

Known bugs:
No known bugs... if you find any, mail me at [email protected] and report them...

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