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File: Sconc
Author: SlipKnoTKills
Downloads: 400
Description: Sconc
Size: 721KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Author - SlipKnoTKills
Full name - SlipKnoTKills Concmap
Name - Sconc
Type - Training Concmap
Version - ~S~
Map # - 2
Made - 10/6/01-2/24/02
Days to complete - 136
Story: You are a researcher in the newly made
laboratory of what used to be called 'Black Mesa'
is now called 'White Mesa'. Another disruption accurs,
but this time we have no idea what went wrong. All
you know is you need to get out alive. The only way
getting out alive is using your concing grenades. So
get your pack and get going, you got some obsticles
ahead of you! HURRY!
Objective: Complete the course using conc grenades.
This is a map for learning how to conc jump and to
help you improve your concing. I hope you enjoy
this map as much as I do. You will be awarded points
at the end.
Special thanks goes to 'BioMonkey' for helping
me learn worldcraft and to take the time to teach me
everything I needed to know to make this map.
Idea for jump 7 - GeBo
Dead Scientist Model - Radish-TPF
Beta Testers - Biomonkey, Thorn, Slim
|~Contact Info~|
Email - [email protected]
Aim - BlindKornster
ICQ - 110233338
Web Site -
Other Maps Completed: BigCube

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