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File: Street Brawl #2
Author: *AKA*GenBowl
Downloads: 436
Description: Street Brawl #2
Size: 206KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title : Street Brawl #2 - Death Match
Date : March 22, 2002
Filename : sbrawl2_dm.bsp
Author : David Brent *AKA*GenBowl
Email Address : [email protected]
Home Page :

Description : Map made from total scratch. This map consists of a small street with
lights, gutters, neighboring windows, and 2 teams of gangstas who can do
1 vs 1 or more, class battles. There are limits to classes: soldier,
medic, spy, demoman. All others aren't considered a mulching class, and
therefore were taken out. This map is small but very effective and eye
appealing. Be warned though, if you have to many people on here at once
it can get cluttered since there are only 2 small rings.

Additional Credits : 1. Classic*AKA* ( and all of it's staff,
for keeping up the kick ass game servers for so long!
2. All of whom have helped in anyway during the making of this
map, especially those who gave ideas.
3. Valve software for making this great game.


* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Deathmatch : No
Team Fortress : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No

* Construction *

Base : This is an original map made from scratch. Ideas from many other DM maps.
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 3.3
Known Issues : There are no known issues or bugs in this map.

Total Compile Time : 4 minutes
Compile machine : PIII 700mhz 256MB RAM DS III S540 32MB
QCSG Time : 1 second
QBSP Time : 1 second
QVIS Time (full) : 85 seconds
QRAD Time (extra) : 150 seconds

* Permissions *

No selling this map for money!
I know you want to whore my map, but I just don't like my maps whored!
Free distribution online is fine as long I get credited for the map.
Please email me if you do share this map or any of the zip contents online.

You MAY NOT alter or add on to this level AT ALL, find someone else to whore from.

E-mail me your thoughts on my level. Whats good, whats bad etc. I love feedback, it keeps me going!


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