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File: Saving Private Ryan- The TFC Way..
Author: Leperous
Downloads: 438
Description: Saving Private Ryan- The TFC Way..
Size: 1.1MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Saving Private Ryan- The TFC Way..

By Ollie "Leperous" Robertshaw

{---------------------------------------** Objectives **------------------------------------}

Please read the objectives carefully as knowing them can increase your gaming pleasure. You can
also consult saveryaninfo.htm for some more objective info. Print the objectives if you have to

Team 1-- Private Ryan (Blue)

Private Ryan must go to the radio behind the cafe. When he gets there, he should use the radio
to open the doors to the landing craft on the north beach- there will be a confirmation
message. NOTE If Ryan dies, he does not need to go back to the radio- the doors only close
again if he successfully escapes.
He must then proceed to the north beach where there will be a transport ship to take him
home to his Mama.

Team 2-- USMC (Red)

Ryan must be protected from the Nazis.
The Nazi radio can also be destroyed for extra points and reduce the threat from Nazis by
stopping them from respawning in the town, however, it must be destroyed with a detpack. This
building is located next to the bridge, the radio is upstairs.

Team 3-- Nazis (Yellow)

The Nazis must kill as many Americans as possible, and prevent them from destroying the com
They should also try to steal the plans from the Allied HQ and return it to their com centre in
the town. The safe in the enemy HQ must be detpacked to open it.


NOTE Each kill gives your team 1 point

If Ryan escapes- Ryan- 40
US Army- 20

If Ryan is killed- Nazis- 10

If the Nazi com center
is destroyed- US Army- 15

If the plans are
captured- Nazis- 15

{------------------------------------** Other Notes **--------------------------------------}


Unzip all files into your tfc/maps directory. Move saveryan.wad into your halflife/tfc directory
I recommend that you also delete saveryanbeta.bsp if you have it.

--General notes--
As teams can score points from kills, having someone play as Ryan is not necessary. If you get
bored with Hunted-style maps then make sure no-one plays as Ryan.

--Play notes--
If you try to swim out to sea you will freeze to death (chilly at this time of year)
If you play this map on single player, then the map may not load up properly (some entities will
not be present). You can fix this merely by reloading the level once you have started.

--Changes since info_beta playtesting--
Ryan must use the radio to open the door
Team 4 has been removed because it's unfair on the Nazis :-)
New textures and sign posts
Some furniture in buildings
Lower r_speeds (yes, really!)
Got rid of 2 machine guns

Navyfighter and Flint Man at Info_beta ( for help with playesting
and all those who turned up to quiver in awe of my TFC skills
Atilla for early compiling/testing whilst I waited for my supercomputer to arrive
Loads of people for feedback
My Mum for making me countless cups of tea

{-------------------------------** Boring Technical Stuff **------------------------------}

Map name-------- Saveryan
Files----------- (contains saveryan.bsp, saveryan.txt, saveryanreadme.txt,
saveryan.wad, saveryaninfo.htm, 4 JPGs)- around 1Mb
Maximum players- 32 (1 Blue, 15 Reds, 16 Yellow)
Build time------ On and off over a couple of months
Compile time---- HLCSG-40s, HLBSP-35s, HLVIS-11612s, HLRAD-4168s, TOTAL-6.5 hours
Compile machine- AMD 450MHz 256Mb RAM
Author---------- Leperous
E-Mail---------- [email protected]
Custom textures- Yes (saveryan.wad, must be placed in your tfc directory- the same one that has
tfc.wad in it)

Other maps------ None released yet. "Saddamicide" and maybe Saveryan for DM coming soon

I hope to start work on a TFC map pack that is WW2 themed. If anyone would like to help or
contribute a map, please e-mail me.

Hope you have fun!

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