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File: Rupture
Author: The_Cheese
Downloads: 671
Description: Rupture
Size: 1.9MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
A Team Fortress Classic Map
Place rupture.bsp and rupture.txt in your halflife/tfc/maps/

Place all the wav files in your halflife/tfc/sound/stc/

NOTE: you may have to make this folder first, then copy the
files into it.

halflife/tfc/maps/ ...rupture.bsp

halflife/tfc/sound/stc/ ...red_up.wav

Steal the Keycard from the enemy reactor room.
Take it across to the other side of the enemy Base and
hit the switch to overload the reactor. Don't bring
the Keycard back to your own Base.

Scoring: 10 points for each overload.

Other Notes: To survive the overload, get a protective
suit from behind the marked doors.
Resupply rooms & tunnel are also safe.

File Information

Title: Rupture
BSP File: rupture.bsp
Author: The Cheese
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Site:
Level Size: Large
Previous Maps: Nightshift, Site B, Rapid 1, Rapid 2,
Battle Camp, ShutDown, ShutDown II

Base: From scratch
Editor Used: Worldcraft 2.1
Machine Used: PII300
Build Time: Around 4 weeks
Compile Time: 1 hours
Known Bugs: When the suit doors lift up, you can see them
through the walls if you are far enough away.
This is an issue with the Half-Life engine, not
specific to this map.

This map has been tested in Software, Direct 3D, and OpenGL

Thanks go out to:

Anyone who sends me feedback

WARchild for the playtest server

All the playtesters!

Geno, for the cool name suggestions

All the server admins who run any of my maps.

If you play this map(and even enjoy it)I would certainly
appreciate an email. But you're not going to send one
are you? :)

BTW, if you're wondering why the reactor is hidden under the floor,
rather than being a feature of the playing field, it's simply to
keep r_speeds down in that area :)

Copyright / Permissions

Copyright 2000 Mark Hewitt All rights reserved.
This level (Rupture) may be electronically distributed
only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be
modified in any way. This text file(instructions.txt)
and additional text file(rupture.txt) must be included
with the level. This level may not be included in any
commercial compilations without the express permission of
the author.


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