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File: Reservoir Dogs - The Bank Job
Author: Greps
Downloads: 706
Description: Reservoir Dogs - The Bank Job
Size: 3.6MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Reservoir Dogs - The Bank Job
by Greps

**** This map designed for the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life mod ****

Oct 17, 1999

Title : Reservoir Dogs - The Bank Job
Filename : rd_bankj
Author : Greps
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Dogs must detpack open vault door and steal loot by bringing it
back to garage for 50 points. Guards and Supercop must stop them,
If all 4 dogs are imprisoned at one time 100 points are given
to both the Guards and Supercop.
Number of Teams : 3
Recommended # of Players: 4 - Dogs, 12 Guards Max, 1 Super Cop

**** CREDITS ****

Thanks to ShadowCrawler ([email protected]) for the rockin pickups - nice to see some prefabs that actually look good without stupid poly counts. well done and thanks man!

Also thanks to Navyfighter for bringing light to the darkness that was TFC Entities, The boys over at DOE for the playtesying input and the grand hoochie Wicked Billy Wilson for the most kickass gaming info site on the net:

Where Polictcal Correctness gets the "strait-up" if you know where I mean:)

Finally a big kiss ass full of thanks to the places I raided textures from:

Primordial Soup - - Check em out - these guys got some great looking skyboxes too. (I mean sweet!) - If you can't find what you are lookin for here then there just ain't no such thing. After checkin out the walls they got my next map is definitely going to have a midevil theme. Givem a look - the price is good to:)

Also thanks to T. R. Jones aka Bok Choy ([email protected]) for the Dr Pepper textures, It just would not be a halflife map without vending machines right? - anyways could not pass on the Dr Pepper thing (my fav:).

Most of all thanks to Crista Forest, aka CD Warrior ([email protected], [email protected]) For all the super looking walls that make up most of the Bank. Great stuff - can't wait to see the DS9 project!


~12 min p3/500 128 meg
Compiled with Zoners Tools - Thanks Dude!
Texture limits were extended approx 1 meg
This map is not recommended for software mode or lowend 3D ie Virge, ATI cards etc.


you must have the following installed:

1) make sure the map (bsp file) is placed in the "tfc/maps" folder ie,


2) make sure the rdogs directory is placed in the "tfc/sound" folder ie,


(where rdogs is a directory of wav files)

** If you do not have the sounds installed properly you will miss important gameplay messages **


One complaint that came up in the playtesting was the lack of a turret at the Dogs hangout - actually it has to be this way - since the objective is for the defenders to capture all 4 Dogs you can't provide a place for the last free one to scamper off and safely hide. Beyond that there is an "Insta-Heal" unit for the Dogs and a pile of ammo, so other than a cheap frag or two it really does not benefit the guards to spawn camp here anyways. Also TFC was not ment to be Jailbreak and there is a few minor points that were unavoidable - most notably when the level starts out all 4 dogs begin in the cells so the guard teams score immediately (100 points) - This was pretty unavoidable with the Jail using almost 70 goals and triggers already - but really no one in testing seemed to care so I left it as is. Also of course if you don't have 4 Dogs the guard team can't score until there is.

Finally if you have never seen the Movie Reservoir Dogs then do so - Some of Quentins best stuff.

Hope you enjoy

[email protected]

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