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File: Corps68
Author: Gustavo
Downloads: 465
Description: Corps68
Size: 1.5MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Title : Corps68.
Date : 26th January 2000.
Filename : Gustavo10_Corps68.bsp
Filesize : 3.7mb, or thereabouts.
Author : Keved, my Half-Life alias is Gustavo.
Email Address : [email protected], or [email protected] as a last resort.
ICQ : 10393836 (auth required).
Home Page :
Totality FPS reviews :

Corps68 is my tenth FPS map (and third for Team Fortress Classic).

Previous maps...
Penitentiary (Half-Life deathmatch, released 5-March-1999).
Maximillian (Half-Life teamplay primarily/also deathmatch, released 15-May-1999).
Maximal (Team Fortress Classic territorial domination, released 8-July-1999).
Mad Bucking Fastards (Half-Life deathmatch, released 27-July-1999).
Talos (Half-Life deathmatch, released 3-August-1999).
C4 (Action Half-Life, released 16-September-1999).
TNT (Half-Life deathmatch, released 23-October-1999).
Orbital (Team Fortress Classic CTF, released 31-December-1999).
Jaw Breaker (Half-Life deathmatch, released 20-January-2000).

Who am I? I'm 24 yrs old, English, & currently work for an Architectural Practice in NW England.

1) Valve/Sierra/id.
2) The Zoner compiling tools version 1.41. Corps68 was compiled with these superb modified compiling tools, via a batch file. [email protected] Keep up the good work, Sean.
3) Guardian, for his comments along the way. Email:[email protected]
4) LAN based playtesters: Hotrod, Bomb 'ead, Spam 'ead, Giz-A-Job, MuddyBog, SilkyAlfie, FlossyTheSheep, GUSisPANTS...(ok ok, enough already!) and a dozen other LAN playtesters. No, I'm not making these names up, most don't have 'online' aliases so they came up with some staggeringly crap names for the purposes of this text file, just to spite me no doubt. Yer bunch 'o big wimmin, I notice your deathmatch games rapidly empty when I join, hmm, Hmmm, HMMMM? 8OP
5) Records, for salvation from radio/tv hell.


Just to familiarise yourself.

12-24 players. 16 respawn points per team are included.

Set in the late 19-Sixties, the US Army and North Vietnamese battle for control of a Military troop-staging installation, with plentiful supplies waiting in storage for the victor. The installation is crucial for a possible push further into enemy territory for whichever side gains control.

The layout for Corps68 resembles a huge "U" shape, with the flags located at each dead-end. The 180 degree curve houses a neutral bunker, which is very defendable particularly for Soldiers, Engineers, and Snipers. Defense of this neutral bunker is aided by a halftrack vehicle with 2 mounted guns (both guns have identical rate of fire & shot damage). The reward for holding the neutral bunker is 2 grenade/ammo resupply backpacks that either team can pickup, giving your attackers somewhere close to resupply when injured in the enemy base. If your team doesn't hold the neutral bunker, your attackers have to back-track right into your own base to resupply. Each backpack has 2 of each grenade type, giving all the more reason for any spammers out there.

There are 2 ways into/out of each base; through the main entrance (it's pretty obvious where they are) or the water route which bypasses the main entrance.

Main entrance...
Attackers entering here will find that defenders have access to high ledges and therefore a big elevational advantage. If attackers continue into the base, past the water pit, and through into the next open area, there are two ladders which now give attackers access to the same high ledges that defenders can use. Alternatively, conc jumping Scouts/Medics can simply conc up to the high ledges in the main entrance.

Water route...
The catch with the water route is that it is protected by a boiler...when turned "on", the boiler heats the water to an extreme temperature, meaning anyone who tries to swim through dies within seconds. Only Pyro's, with their heat resistant suit, can brave the scorching water, swim to the boiler, and turn it "off" allowing all other classes to then swim through. Think of this idea in the same way a Demoman detpacks a rock barrier in some maps, only, my idea here is to give the Pyro class it's moment of glory. Anyway, whenever you see steam emerging from water, unless you're a Pyro, don't dive in!

Hope you like Corps68. I'd appreciate feedback my email address at the top of this text file. It's a major commitment putting in the time to design these damn maps, so I fully welcome any & all constructive encouragement / ideas / criticisms / praises. Job offers welcome too!!


"Nostromo". TFC CTF which has a MASSIVE bsp size of 5.7mb, and is the sequel to my previous TFC map Orbital. 99% complete (should be released over the next week or two).

After that, I'll be making a few more DM maps similar in size to Jaw Breaker, and maybe venturing into Quake 3 Arena mapping a little.


Extract the files manually into the following.

Gustavo10_Corps68.bsp and Gustavo10_Corps68.txt into ...\\tfc\maps

And of course keep this text file. 8¬)


Base : Created from scratch.
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v2.1
Custom textures : No.
Custom sounds : No.
Known Bugs : Just that I've stretched some textures, so decals may be out-of-shape/size.
Build Time : 3 months, on & off. I've also been working other maps simultaneously.
Compile Time : Around 90 minutes on my PII 300mhz w/224mb. (Full vis, extra rad).

Rmf size : 6060kb
Solids : 2629
Faces : 16121
Point Entities : 363
Solid Entities : 326
Successive revisions : 57


You MAY NOT sell this map for money without my permission.

If a magazine wants it on its CD - that's fine - *BUT* you *MUST* send me a copy of the mag and credit myself with it's construction, AND INCLUDE THIS TEXT FILE. Feel free to swap it amongst your net friends & encourage them to send suggestions to me. You MAY NOT alter or add to this level without my permission.

Email me if you'd like to have a look at the (6060mb) rmf file for Corps68. Zips down to ~250kb.

You have yerself a nice day, y'hear?

Oh btw, if you see me on a server, I *CANNOT* speak Spanish/Portuguese/Smack talk/whatever...just so I ain't assumed to be a Colombian drug baron like I have been a few times before (or corderoy wearing Uruguayian goat shepherd, that happened once). 8¬)


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