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File: Operation: Grinch
Author: Ramone_[VOV]
Downloads: 460
Description: Operation: Grinch
Size: 798KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Operation: Grinch
A cozy little TFC map for 8 - 16 players.

Author: Aaron Beane a.k.a Ramone_[VOV]
E-mail: [email protected]

Previous work: dmRyan (Unreal)
Castle Vanguard (TFC)

Put the grinch.bsp and grinch.txt files in your Half-life/tfc/maps directory
Put the grinch.wad file in your half-life/tfc directory

This map puts limits on 2 classes.
In order to insure this limit is reset
after this map has changed please add
the following commands to your server
config file if they are'nt already there:
cr_demoman 0
cr_engineer 0

Check out clan Vanguard Of Vengeance at
====Tools Used===================================================================================
Worldcraft 2.1
Wally 1.37b
Gensurf 1.4.1
Zoner's Half-Life tools

====Misc. Info===================================================================================
I was hoping to get this out at least 3 or 4 days before Christmas but events conspired against
me. And so Christmas eve was a blur of Gift-wrapping and Worldcraft as I pulled an all-nighter
finishing this up and getting all my Christmas stuff done. I never got a chance for a full play-
test so I still have some questions as to how balanced this map is. But I would'nt release it if
I didn't think there's a lot of fun to be had, so enjoy! And please send me any feedback, positve
or negative. I'd love to hear from ya.

Christmas Eve 11:55 PM

The Green team has until 12:00 midnight to destroy the red team's Christmas tree and ruin their
Christmas. A green demoman must get to the storage area at the rear of the red base and place a
detpack under the tree to destroy it. Destroying the tree scores the green team 25 points.
If the red team can defend their tree until Midnight then they score 25 points.

The 5 minute clock will NOT start running until the first green player exits their base.
There is a limit of 2 demomen and 2 engineers per team.
Scoring by either team will force a respawn and the time will reset.
Only engineers can open the maintenance access door with a wrench.



This BSP is copyright Aaron Beane 1999. It may not be modified or used in any part or whole for
further map-building.

This BSP may not be distributed with out this unmodified readme file.

You may not, in any way, distribute this BSP for financial profit or include it in any
compilation or collection with out my permission.

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