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File: 2FortLoL TF level
Author: Gorebag
Downloads: 909
Description: 2FortLoL TF level
Size: 489KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
12/29/97 2FortLoL.TXT [new Quake TF level]


Filename(s) : containing...

- 2FORTLOL BSP 1,229,080 12-30-97 4:45a
- 2FortLoL.txt

Description : 2FortLoL TF level

Author(s) : Gorebag - [email protected]
: Kruruk - [email protected]
Web Page: :
: or
: or
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks To: * Ben Morris for Worldcraft
* Al Bahr Enterprises for EntEd
* The TeamFortress Gang for making a great mod
* Id Software, for quake
* Several newsgroup and email gurus for the helpful answers

* Play information *

TF Level

Sounds :none
Graphics :none
Music :none
Base :from scratch
Tools used :Worldcraft 1.5b
Build Time :3 sleepless days & 2 nights

Known Bugs/nonbugs : None to my knowledge.

Distribution :This level may be electronically distributed only if this txt
file is included. Also this map is to be distributed at no charge.
If you paid for this level you were ripped off.

Map file :If you have a project that may benefit from this map, let us
know. Maybe something can be worked out. Otherwise please refrain from
theft -- it's unpleasant to deal with.

Description &

:This is your standard capture the enemy's flag and return it to
your base to get points kind of map. The map was built to support
all classes as best as possible. There may be a slight advantage
to one class or another. That will be accidental.

The look and feel of the map is medieval castles. The castles have
been built with defense in mind. The castles have been build with
defense in mind. Yes, that deserves repeating. Actual castles were
built to keep the enemy out. So we built these along those lines.
This means that a good team with enough sentry guns can put up an
almost impenetrable defense. Almost. It is possible to RJ to the
upper balcony. And it is possible for a sniper to launch a player
across the yard from one balcony to the other. This along with a
few demomen, soldiers and sneaky spys will break up almost any defense.
Provided you play as a team on offense. This map is not friendly to
the lone offensive player.

We hope you enjoy playing as much as our clan does.

-- Gorebag
-- Kruruk


Running this level : This map is designed to be used in conjunction with the
standard quake/tf qwprogs.dat file. You only need put the
uncompressed bsp file into a \quake\tf\maps directory.

Use your favorite pkunzip or winzip to uncompress this file.
Put bsp file into \quake\tf\maps


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