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File: The First Cobra TF Map!
Author: CC-Incinerator
Downloads: 916
Description: The First Cobra TF Map!
Size: 1.6MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
---- This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.65 quakeC mod ----
Title : 'The First Cobra TF Map!"
Filename :
Files : cobra2c.bsp -> goes in your maps dir
disc1.mdl -> goes in your progs dir
disc2.mdl -> goes in your progs dir
all wavs -> go in the sound\misc dir
Author : CC-Incinerator
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : A TeamFortress v2.65 Quake Map

Check out the TeamFortress homepage at:

-----------------------------= Play Information =---------------------------

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.65 QuakeC
patch, which can be downloaded from
or from

Single Player : If you're really really bored
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : No
TeamFortress : You think?
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Quite
New Graphics : Of course
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : No
-= Construction =-

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v1.5?
QBSP256C [I now hate qbsp passionately.]
RVis - this map is NOT vis'd for transparent water
Why? No need, it'd ruin the effects.
Known Bugs : I hope you have 16mb RAM or you might as well stop
reading right now and get another map. :/
-Also it IS possible to get stuck behind the
buttons in the infocenter..but I don't feel this is
worth recompiling the lvl to fix because it's
almost impossible to get stuck back there unless
you try to.

Build Time : 1.5 months
QBSP - 45 minutes roughly.
LIGHT - 10 minutes roughly.
VIS - 40 minutes roughly.

GLVis'd : *NO*

Grapple : I think not.

Build Machine : P233 128Mb RAM.. Canopus Pure3d, other stuff I may
not have been told ;)
Tested With: : P200MMX, P233, Quake, and QW. [should run fine on a

Optimal CLient : GLQW running on a P133 /w 16mb RAM

Special Thanks : id Software.
: CC-Gldm -lets all thank him for compiling the level :)
: CC-Commander, CC-Destro, and the rest of the Cobra Clan
for playtesting.
: All the newsies who had to put up with my
unintelligable email babblings :)
: Anyone I might have missed.

What's New in revision C -

-Fixed disc's not returning if you died while carrying them.
-Added messages for the disc's return.
-Actually gave the map a real name.
-Re-did the disc.mdl, it now actually has a skin and on top of that,
I think it looks quite nice.
-I uhm..updated this txt document.


There are 2 bases, with parts of each base being unlocked when you bring the
enemies disc[new flag] to any yellow teleporter symbols on the ground. [For
further info go down to the Scoring section.] The enemy key is on the 4th
floor of their base, and hopefully it won't be a 1 man job to take the flag.

The bases are connected by 3 areas:

1.) The sewers underneath the bases. [which are _very_ simple, even though
they may look daunting at first.]
2.) The teleporter array by your teams main respawn room teleport you onto
the enemies teleporter pad outside their base.
3.) There is a skyway on the 3rd floor of the bases that connects the bases.

Oh yeah, I threw a secret somewhere in there too ;)


There are 4 places you can take the enemies disc:

1.) Bringing the enemies disc to the symbol in your HQ gives everyone on your
team 15 [maybe 10..I forget] frags.
2.) Bringing the enemies disc to the symbol in the room down the hall from
the armoury unlocks the armoury doors. [Trust me, it _definitely helps your
team out]
3.) Taking the enemies disc to the symbol outside your bunker opens the
bunker doors. The bunker is a defensive position that allows snipers to
snipe enemies teleporting into your base with moderate security to their own
well being. [I tried to make it where it's impossible for a sniper to _easily_
cover the pad, it should be noted that it isn't impossible, and relitively
easy, to avoid being hit by a sniper.]
4.) Taking the enemies disc to the security checkpoint on the 4th floor
enables your early warning system which warns you of enemies near your flag.


This map was designed with playing as a _team_ in mind, I hope that you think
about that before you go charging off into the enemies base all by yourself.

One other thing -- There have been a few [very] complaints about clipping,
but they are -MINOR- gripes..they don't detract from the level nearly enough
to warrant it's unplayability.. So you know those clipping problems were not
a fault of mine but were a result of the shoddy carving routines used in the
level editors.. (no offense, but the WorldCraft carves never worked right
for me..) :(

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