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File: Cranetop
Author: Ralph Geissler
Downloads: 436
Description: Cranetop
Size: 954KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Title : Cranetop
Filename :
Author : Ralph Geissler
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : Big Hunted map for TeamFortress Classic

Number of Teams : 3
Recommended # of Players : 16-32

New Sounds/Textures : none
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.1, UltraEdit 6.00

Installation : Just unzip into the half-life\tfc\maps directory

Gameplay : This is a Hunted map designed for a large number of
players. The original Hunted map was just not
spacious enough for 32 player matches, and I hope
this map will be seen as a viable alternative to
administrators of large TFC servers. The map is
very dark and very big, and also a tad slow in some
places because of its openness. This is by design
and I cannot really do much about it without
damaging the map.
There can be up to seven assassins in the game in
order to oppose the 20+ bodyguards. Assassins get
20 points for killing The Hunted on this map. I wish
I had found a way to limit the number of Assassins
based on the number of bodyguards; if there are not
enough players the game can become unbalanced. Then
again, this map is intended for games with a large
number of players.
The bodyguards can now also take the role of sniper
and engineer. The snipers can counter-snipe the
assassins (though they can't enter the off-limit
zones), and the engineers can block choke points
with sentry guns and ammo dispensers.
Cranetop gives The Hunted a rather long run for his
life. Even more teamwork is required than in the
original Hunted map, because the ways are longer,
there are more snipers and there are dangerous
places on the map (like the sewers and the force
field). The Hunted cannot get onto the crane because
he is too fat to fit through the ladder manholes
(this is intentional). The crane has spot lights
which can be turned on and off. The blast door that
leads underground must be opened from the small
guard tower. The yellow force field at the exit
cannot be operated by one player alone, so The
Hunted can't win without escort. There is a way
through the sewers for The Hunted, but he needs a
medic in order to survive. There is an ammo and
health depot in the warehouse. The assassins have
their own depots which are relatively safe. There is
no announcement of the position of The Hunted for
the bodyguards because the players are supposed to
I sincerely hope this map will be enjoyed, as it is
a rather different approach to mapping than I am
used to. It is my first TFC map, and I have learned
quite a bit from the design process. I have also
learned that the engine still sucks for large maps.

Copyright : This map is copyrighted by the author. You MAY NOT
modify the files in this archive and you MAY NOT use
this map as a base for your own maps. If you want to
use it for your own editing purposes, please contact
me at the email address given above. You MAY
distribute this file unchanged and at little cost
using networks, Diskettes or CD/R's, but you MAY NOT
distribute it on CD-ROM. There is no warranty, and
the author is not responsible for damage done by
this file or its use. Please reports errors to the
given email address. Enjoy!

Thanks to : id Software for the genre, Valve Software for the
game, the Team TF for the mod, the people on the
Internet for the fun, God for everything and my
woman for that which makes life worthwhile.

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