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About this section:
These are customizations that change what you see and hear in the game. Crosshairs can be modified, the in game font can be changed, weapon models can be changed, and various sprites such as the rocket flare or concussion ring can be swapped for custom versions.

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File  AuthorDownloadsDateFile Size [more info] - Can't Touch This end game sound   Koron 1095 02/16/2003 969KB
An excerpt from M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" which plays when a team captures a flag. [more info] - VOX grenade timer   Koron 1222 07/12/2003 15KB
A grenade timer that utilizes the VOX voice that provides the voice for TFC sounds. [more info] - Tear's Female Voice Soundpack   OnePerfectTear 1248 12/15/2002 182KB
Contains custom voice medic calls and a flag cap sound. Voice is done by Tear, words by various members of clan omnipotence.

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